Light and simple rough terraing forklift. Unique in the market because of the low cost of adquisition and maintenance.


The rough terrain forklift with the lowest cost in the market.

Very light equipment distributed equally at the front and rear axel. It causes the minimum erosion to the ground.

Reduced measurements and low overall height of 74 in (1,99 m). Lateral operator’s position to ease the access and reduce fatigue.

Robust forklift and exclusive transmission technology proven for over 40 years in the market.

Low cost of operation with Kubota engine allowing the most reduced fuel consumption in its category.

The most used forklift in greenhouses, horticulture and gardening because of its low weight and minimum ground erosion.


Specifications C 11 M
Load capacity 1,3 Ton
Traction 4x2
Engine 12.1 kW
Lifting height 2.66 m
Turning radius 3,2 m
Measures (wide x long x high) 1.30m x 3.64m x 1.97m
Unladen weigth 2.05 Ton


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